Apply for a Public Defender


Application to enlist the services of the public defender

We cannot discuss your case with you until we are appointed by the judge. Appointment takes place at the first hearing. After we are appointed by the Judge, we will schedule an appointment with you to talk about the details of your case.
  • For assistance with: Clear My Record, Prop 47, Prop 64, and 290 Relief click here: Fresh Start
  • Please type only the last four numbers of your social security number.
  • Please type your driver's license and the issuing State.
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Type how many children you have and their age.
  • Please state how much money you earn and how often (weekly, biweekly, monthly)
  • What you own

  • Your Expenses

  • I have read the information contained in the Financial Statement and I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct. I hereby authorize the County of Ventura and its duly authorized representatives to contact any employer, bank, savings and loan, credit union, creditor, insurance company, attorney at law, or government agency regarding my financial condition; and I further authorize such institution, individual, partnership, corporation or agency so contacted to release any and all information requested regarding my assets, liabilities, policies, litigations, financial transactions and accounts.

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY