The attorneys working in the Law Office of the Public Defender come to Ventura from the finest universities and law schools throughout the United States.

The hallmark of these attorneys is their devotion to helping those in need and their dedication to insuring that innocent persons are not imprisoned.

Positions here are highly competitive and filled through a civil service process.  Opportunities for attorneys and law students to volunteer are also available.

The Law Office of the Public Defender is an equal opportunity employer. Qualified and devoted attorneys, investigators, paralegals, and legal processing assistants are encouraged to apply to our office.  

For more information please contact our office.  You may also search for job openings at the Ventura County Human Resources website.

For more information, please contact  Aurora Lazaro at Aurora.lazaro@ventura.org.

For Law Clerk Internships please contact Ayala Benefraim at Ayala.Benefraim@ventura.org

Visit the County of Ventura Human Resources Web site to search for job openings.

Ventura County Government Center

Aurora Lazaro

Administrative Services Director Aurora.lazaro@ventura.org. (805) 654-2214

Equal Opportunity Employer