Misdemeanor Expungements

Here are the steps to file your own expungement:

There are two forms to file with the court for each case.  The filing fee is $60 per case.  You can also file a fee waiver for each case and the judge will consider waiving your filing fee.


You may not know all the information you need to complete the above forms.  Newer cases can be looked up online on the court’s website.  If your case is not available online, you can get a free case information sheet from  the Court Clerk’s office Room 118, on the first floor of the Ventura County Courthouse.

When the forms are complete, make 2 copies of each form. File the original copy with the Court Clerk in room 118, but get all copies date stamped. Bring one copy to the DA’s office on the 3rd floor of the courthouse.  Keep the last copy for your records.

The Court usually takes about 6-8 weeks to process misdemeanor expungements.  Misdemeanor expungements do not require a court hearing.  You will receive notice of the Judge’s decision on your petition by mail.