Homeless Court

  Homeless court is a special Superior Court session. It offers an alternative option to perform community service or treatment hours in lieu of paying fines/fees owed to the Court to resolve outstanding traffic and minor “quality of life” offenses received in Ventura County.

For more information, or to apply for Homeless Court, please visit the Public Defender’s Office or call us at 805-654-2201. Se habla español.

Public Defender Paralegal Contact Information:
Location: 800 S. Victoria, Hall of Justice, Room 207
Phone number: (805) 654-2201
Hours: Monday- Friday 8:00-11:30 am and 1:30-4:00 pm

Frequently Asked Questions

All infractions are automatically eligible. Some non-violent misdemeanors can be eligible with DA approval. *Parking tickets are NOT eligible for Homeless Court

Yes! If fees and fines owed to the Court are causing a DMV hold, participating in homeless court can get the hold lifted. Unfortunately, can’t use Homeless Court hours to pay fines and fees owed to the DMV directly; those need to be paid to the DMV.  

No! Homeless Court is for persons who are homeless, at imminent risk of being homeless, and all indigent individuals.

Yes! The treatment and community service hours provided by the program can be used to clear some fines/fees.

Yes! There is no limitation on the amount of eligible fines and fees that can be cleared in Homeless Court. If you owe thousands of dollars, you can still benefit from Homeless Court. The more you owe, the more community service and treatment hours you will need to clear those fines.

Unfortunately, no. We can only clear monies owed on Ventura County cases. We suggest contacting the county where the incident occurred and asking if they have a similar program or another option.

No! The Homeless Court Program key players (judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys, and homeless shelters and service agencies) agree, “No one goes into custody against their will.” This agreement respects the relationship and trust the homeless-service agencies hold with the participants who appear before the Homeless Court program, and it acknowledges that time spent working with these agencies is equivalent to, and more constructive than, time spent in custody.

Homeless court is currently held VIA Zoom and subject to change in the near future.

No, but after homeless court you can file an expungement, which can take the conviction off your record. Stand alone Misdemeanor expungements should be filed by the individual themselves. Instructions on how to file your expungement can be found at:

For assistance with FELONY expungements please visit:

Contact our Homeless Court at Pdparalegals@ventura.org to discuss the process and requirements.