Investigative Internships for Undergraduate Students

Our investigation unit welcomes students enrolled in college or university as investigative interns. Investigative interns shadow investigators during their daily duties, assist with witness interviews, review evidence, observe meetings with clients and attorneys and at times attend court proceedings, all with the goal of understanding what our investigators do to serve our clients and uphold their constitutional rights. Investigative interns may be tasked with record gathering, obtaining releases of information, watching body camera footage, reviewing police reports and any other support needed to provide exceptional service to our clients.

To apply for an investigative intern position please send a cover letter and resume to:

Aron Miller
Senior investigator
Eliseo Mendez
Senior investigator

Suggested Application Times

  • Spring Internship – November of the preceding year.
  • Summer Internship – February of the same year.
  • Fall Internship – July of the same year.